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The Industry 4.0, in line with the fourth industrial revolution, is currently in full swing. The term describes the entry of the Internet into manufacturing. The claim is that technical systems perform through self-analysis the self-optimization of production – to become a smart factory. In this vision, people, products and machines are connected. The networked communication requires a uniform language. This ensures the Data exchange standard OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architechture). The Middleware Orchestra, developed by soffico GmbH, translates the language to the IT systems.Thus not only an instrument is played but the whole orchestra.

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The tool for successful digitalization

Decisive for the industry 4.0 is a thorough and smooth communication. Machines, products and people must be able to understand each other in order to communicate with each other. This requires standardization in the interface area. The basis for this is OPC-UA. The data exchange standard is used to unify the machines, ie they are provided with the same language. However, a machine can not execute commands from the IT level. This requires a powerful middleware such as Orchestra, as an interpreter. The combination of OPC-UA and Orchestra creates an unprecedented form of connectivity in manufacturing. Thus, OPC UA can be understood as the pioneer of industry 4.0, Orchestra brings the service bus thought-as the solution to the successful, sustainable implementation of this vision, into the manufacturing industry.

Orchestra connects people, products and machines

Orchestra is a middleware that acts as a “mediator” between all parties involved within a value chain. By OPC UA, the standardization in the data exchange of the plants is a uniform plug set up and the attachments adjusted. Orchestra translates the internal communication protocols of the machines for the IT level. As a simple example, a document is stored here as “html”, but must be opened by a program that does not understand “html”. This document is translated by Orchestra in such a way that the target program reads all necessary information from it and proceeds on it. Here, Orchestra is the interpreter. Moreover, orchestra is not only used in the industry to translate “html” documents, but as a “Manufacturing Service Bus”, which connects all the participating systems.


Manufacturing Service Bus Orchestra

In order to remain competitive in the future, production companies must rethink and digitize their value chains. The solution to this process is the introduction of Orchestra as a Manufacturing Service Bus. In this way, complete, vertical and horizontal integration is achieved with the help of a single product. Furthermore, by installing the middleware, the IT level could be networked with the system level. The MSB makes it possible for any customer for the production data to be adequately supplied. For example, the maintenance of a machine can be ensured without loss of production. In addition, monitoring was carried out to monitor production by Orchestra.

Orchestra offers a faster and easier connection of production systems as well as of data collectors, the IT systems. The middleware also allows for a complete transparency of the entire value chain. This is because all the relevant information from the production process goes through the solution.Orchestra also ensures security because process data areautomatically archived.

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Secured in the future with Orchestra

Orchestra ensures that existing systems are made suitable for further use in context industry 4.0. This will enable you to secure your future investment. Orchestra will prepare you for the digital future!

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