Orchestra connects IT systems in your company – from the shop floor to classic IT to the cloud, from suppliers to production to your clients.

Smart Factory with the Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine

The digitization also brings changes in production. Smaller quantities and the customers’ desire for individual products require flexible manufacturing processes. Thanks to Industry 4.0, products can be improved and new services offered.
New business models are developing. 
Omnidirectional networks, adaptive modularity of systems and unlimited scalability are essential for industry 4.0. We support you in your first steps into digitization and guide you on the way to your Smart Factory.

Orchestra automates processes and structures communication in your IT architecture. Semantics puts your data in the right context and generates valuable information. Our software thus creates the basis for self-analysis, predictive maintenance and automated self-optimization. This is how a Smart Factory works.

Orchestra makes you the conductor of your data.

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Full data integrity

All systems are self-sufficient and data is not centralized


Omnidirectional communication

Communication between the involved participants



Control of all system relevant states


Intelligent Data

Semantics transforms data into information



Design processes and define individual processes



Integration of open and proprietary standards


Investment protection and future security

Orchestra ensures that well-proven machines and systems can still be used in industry 4.0. Standards make it simple to learn and to operate and therefore guarantee future safety.

The Orchestra Industry 4.0 Engine

  • runs on all devices: from the control panel to the cloud
  • creates new potentials for profits and savings
  • lowers IT operating costs
  • reduces the time-to-market

Interview with Peter Velten about the
Manufacturing Service Bus “Orchestra”